365 Self-Development Ideas To Improve Your Life | Part 8

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Self-improvement ideas that teach you to love others, yourself and the world around you

It’s February – the month of love. Part 8 of our 365 self-development ideas will be focused on loving yourself, your family and the world around you. 

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This is Part 8 of 365 Self-development ideas for your personal development plan. It’s a 12-month sequence of small tips, habits and improvement ideas that are designed to change you, one step at a time. 

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February’s love

February - Ideas to improve your life
February – Ideas to improve your life

Yes, we all know it, we should love each other and ourselves all year round. But February is the month when we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and feel like we should take things one step further. 

Christmas’s gone and the New Year is already not so fresh. The cold wind brushes our faces, the snow isn’t so magical but more like annoying, and we need something more than a heater to warm our souls.

So, this February I want you to focus on finding the little pieces of love for yourself and the people around you and putting them back together.

A challenge for February

This month, I suggest you ask yourself one simple question every time you need to express an opinion or make a decision:

“Does this speaks Love?”

Will your decision make you or someone around you feel loved? Before you open your mouth to talk, think if what you say is said with love and speaks of love. Do you do good with every step you make today?

Focus on it. Just this month and see if your life changes in any way. See if you change in any way. 

Now, let’ dive into this month’s 29 self-development ideas to improve your life. (wow, I just realised, since it’s a leap year, I am actually creating 366 ideas. Lucky you!)

Ideas to improve your life

Ideas to improve your relationships

1. If you are in a relationship, go through this 14-Day challenge for couples. It’s designed to help you bring the romance back between you and your loved one. The challenge sets you to do 14 little things every morning for the next 14 days. It’s one of the most popular posts on this blog, so make sure you give it a go.

2. If you’re single, I have an awesome challenge for you as well. It’s 30-Day “I Love Being Single” challenge for singles. It will teach you how to find and express your love for yourself in 30 small ways. It’s fun and easy to follow, check it out here.

3. Ask your loved ones if they need help with something in their lives. You’ll be surprised how much our closest people might struggle with something and feel shy to ask for help. 

4. This month, call a different friend or a family member every day, just to ask them how they are. 

5. Smile. Smile more. Smile to everyone you meet even if you don’t feel too cheerful. Just smile. 

6. Believe in your uniqueness. Seek it. Nourish it. See it’s beauty. Love it. 

7. Believe in other people’s uniqueness. Find what’s unique about everyone around you. Love their uniqueness. Respect it. 

8. If someone mistreats you, let them know, in a calm manner, that you won’t tolerate it. That’s called self-love. 

9. Schedule a day out with your loved one or your family. Don’t answer your phone or look at it unless it’s an emergency (very few things are emergency).

Download all fo the ideas now.



10. Go out on a date with yourself.

Yes, do it even if you’re in a relationship. You’re still an individual.

11. Every day do at least one act of kindness. It might not be something world-changing, but done with love, it might change the world.

12. Instead of using plastic or paper bags, next time you go to the superstore, use linen or cotton mesh bags. Love the Mother Earth.

13. Twice a year go through your wardrobe and donate clothes you don’t wear anymore.

14. Create a family tradition – it could be pancakes every Sunday morning, walk in the park every Wednesday evening, dining together every evening and so on. Trust me; these are the fond memories you will create.

15. Feel the power of forgiveness. Learn how to forgive others, but mainly – learn how to forgive yourself.

16. Be generous with the world around you. Give support, care for people, go the extra mile when helping.

17. If you catch yourself badmouthing someone, think of 5 good things to say about them.

18. Brainstorm dreams. We all know that it’s good to brainstorm work ideas, but dreams are equally (if not even more) important. Brainstorm dreams. Get inspired. It’s the fuel that’s going to wake you up excited tomorrow.

19. Your home is your castle. Do you treat your home with love?

20. Contribute to the local community. There’s always a way.

21. Do something nice for the people you live with – cook them delicious food, gift them with gifts or with experience.

22. Go out with friends and be mindful.

23. Treat yourself too. More often than you do now.

24. Start keeping a self-care journal.

25. Create your Memory Box and store in it every proof you had a good time – movie tickets, train tickets, photos, napkins and so on. 

26. Reduce alcohol. If possible – stop it.

27. Write yourself a love letter. What do you need to hear right now in your life?

28. Love your body – improve your diet one day at a time. Start cooking your food from scratch, prepare your lunches, make the healthy choice. 

29. Say “I love you” every day. No matter if it will be to your loved one, your kids, your parents, friends or to yourself. Always choose love.

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Ideas to improve your life

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