“Is She Using Me?” 10 Signs She’s Using You and You Don’t Know

Behaviour that should whisper “She’s using you!” in your ear

You look at her pretty face and ask yourself “Is she using me?”.

You are attracted by her feminine charm, sweet smell and warm body, but is she playing with you or it’s just your imagination playing with you?

I wouldn’t want to be used in any way. I assume you are the same as me.

So, let’s find out if you have reason to doubt the girl next to you or you should enjoy what you have.

I’ve got ten proofs she’s probably using you, and you can see it today. You also want to check the 10 things a woman would do if she loves you (link provided below in the article).

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…or how to recognise an unhealthy one. Because if she’s using you, there’s nothing healthy in what’s happening around you two.

Be aware!

When a man asks himself if a woman uses him, he often refers to the material part of life – money, car, holidays, dinners… However, not every woman will use you to buy her expensive jewellery. Some ladies can actually use you emotionally, and you don’t even realise it. Up until today!

But while money can be quickly earned, emotions are hard to overcome. If she’s using you emotionally, it will hurt more. Therefore, as early you get your answer on “Is she using me?” as better for your heart.

10 Real Signs She is Using You and You Don't Know

1. “Is she using me if she’s a bit distanced?”

Distance in a relationship is normal at the beginning.

Just because you kissed, it doesn’t mean she’ll share all of her secrets with you. But if she’s like the Ice Queen around you, and you feel like you have to earn her smile, then something’s wrong. This might be a very hard-to-recognise sign of manipulation. And she manipulates you because she needs you for something. Manipulation is a woman’s best friend when she needs you to do something for her.

When a woman’s too distant, but she still claims she’s into you then she’s probably trying to use you for something. Look around and see what she often refers to, when you ask her why she’s a bit distant. If she always points out the same reason and leaves an open door for you to fix her problem, she’s using you.


2. “I never seem to say or do the right things. Is that a sign she’s using me?”

It’s true that women often like to hear specific things, and like to be treated in a specific way. However, the beauty of real love is the way the other lets you to express yourself, your feelings, your thought, in the way you want.

If you feel like she’s never happy with what you say or do, it is a sign she’s using you. How to know it for sure?

Some women will never be happy with you because they see that if you feel guilty about the way you express yourself, they gain something. It might be a dinner out, weekend for two somewhere, helping her with a personal matter, etc. If that’s your case – run, she’s using you.

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3. “I always listen to her and her problems, but when I talk about mine, it’s like she doesn’t even hear me. Is she using me?”

You’re on the right track!

She may not want you to buy her expensive things, or take her out for dinners. But she needs you because you listen to her four-hours speech about her daddy issues, how much her boss hates her, and why her BFF is never there for her when she needs her the most.

Yep, you got the point here, right? She needs someone to listen to her constantly. Probably her friends are tired of her nagging and pessimistic vision of life, so she’s looking for someone to replace them.

In the beginning, you will think you finally met someone that’s not afraid to open up to you. However, soon you’ll realise the conversations with her are always about her. You never get the chance to discuss your day, experiences, problems, unless they’re connected to her.

That’s a very hidden sign she’s using you emotionally, so keep it in mind.

4. “She’s always so into my work and what I do, that it feels weird. Is she using me?”

If she’s more interested in what you do than who you are, she’s definitely on a mission for something, and it’s not your heart.

The reason she could ask you many questions about what you do could be because you work something she’s familiar with.

However, if her interest has nothing to do with her hobby, something smells there.

She’s probably trying to find out if you make lots of money, or if you could help her grow at her workplace (if it’s related). Keep your eyes open if her questions about your job are more than the questions about you.

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5. “She always prefers to go out instead of staying in. She says it because she’s extrovert, but I don’t think it’s a complete truth.”

And you’re right!

Extroverts like to go out, but they are are just as normal human beings as the introverts.  Her problem is not that she needs to be among many people. Her problem is she:

a) she has no money to go out by herself,

b) she likes you more when she doesn’t have to talk to you or

c) she is showing off with her new catch (psst, that’s you).

I know it’s harsh, but every couple has moments when they prefer to stay alone, enjoy and get to know each other. If your “together” moments are always out, with other people, she’s using for something.

If you are the one that always pays, she’s using you for money. Next time you decide to go out together, ask her if she’ll be alright to cover the expenses as you’re a bit short on money this week. If every time you were the ATM of the evening, she should be more than alright to take the role for once. If she does it, then see if she’s a bit cold toward you, or she keeps a distance. That will tell you if she’s using you.

However, she might not use you only for money if she always insists on going out instead of staying in. If you know people she wants to meet, or you’re popular in your area, she could use you to show off. Unfortunately, it happens often.


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