Attention Wholehearted People – This TED Talk Will Change Your Life

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With over 39 million views The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown is the second most watched TED Talk ever. 
Brene Brown talks about something you and I avoid talking about.
The secret to creating a deep connection with other people.
How is that useful to you?
As Brene says we are wired to constantly connect with other people on different levels.
Just look at yourself now.
You are probably on your phone and entered this page throughout a Social Media App.
Truth to be told…
We can experience deep love and happiness ONLY through creating connections – with ourselves and the people around us.
I know what you think right now:
Yeah, yeah, tell me something I don’t know.
I will.
Brene Brown will.
She will answer many of your questions, some of which:
Why should I open my heart to other people? It was already broken for so many times.
People say they like vulnerability but then they blame you for being weak. Why?
What if I don’t open my heart? What if I choose to suppress the emotions? What’s the worse that could happen to me?
A life-changing talk. Worth. Every. Single. Second.

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