365 Self-Development Ideas For Success In Life | Part 3

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Self-Development Ideas That Will Transform Your Life

Do you know what confuses me the most lately?

Motivational speakers telling me I should be happy with who I am and not strive for more as it creates anxiety and depression?

Have you noticed that there’s an unspoken battle between “You must do this and that to achieve things in life.” and “Be happy with what you have and don’t strive for more as it makes you greedy and anxious.“?

Which ones should we believe?


I agree that the way to happiness is looking inside ourselves and seeing what’s already there. 

Yet, I agree that if you want to find happiness, you must go through certain changes in life.

Where’s the balance?

Unique Self-Development Ideas

Your way of finding happiness

You and I, both, have our unique ways of finding happiness in our everyday life.

I’ve always believed that if one isn’t happy where he is, he should move. And I mean that in a metaphorical way. 

Hence, if the mindset I have, my habits and way to live my life don’t bring me inner peace, success and overall satisfaction, I shouldn’t just repeat myself “I am happy. I am happy.”

It won’t work.

Instead, I choose to try small changes every now and then; implement new habits, remove old ones and see if I like the direction.

Do you do the same?


365 Self-Development Ideas for Success in Life

achieve happiness in life

That’s how the idea of 365 self-development ideas was born.

Small daily improvements could have a huge impact on our life if we give them the necessary time. 

It’s the third month of 365 awesome self-improvement ideas, and it’s been a great journey. People loved the first two parts, and I am so happy many of you actually put things into practice.

Remember, these aren’t 365 action steps you should take.

Instead, they are small life-improvements that you could practice daily, weekly or monthly.

Some of them are already part of your life, and that’s great.

A few ideas could look too much, and that’s fine – do what you can and come back to the hard ones later.

Free printable with the previous 2 parts are available for downloading below.  



Self-Development Ideas Part 3 –  August

Develop good habits every day

1. Turn off your phone notifications. They distract you too much. On average, your phone distracts you almost 50 times daily. That’s an insane amount of times your focus is interrupted. No wonder we often burn out before 11 a.m.

2. Find a side hustle to work on. It builds you up.

3. Always celebrate your victories in life. Don’t be shy to admit you did well. 

4. Revise your spending habits. Are they good? Would you like to change something?

5. If you wouldn’t tell it to your best friend, don’t tell it to yourself either. Negative self-talk is one of the most self-destructive things you could do in life.

6. Every morning, before you dive into your crazy daily tasks, spend 5 minutes breathing fresh air.

7. Learn more about antioxidant foods and include them in your diet. 

8. Spend 5 minutes daily decluttering a room in your home.

9. Spend 5 minutes daily decluttering a drawer in your office.

10. Spend 5 minutes daily, decluttering your negative thoughts.

11. Start waking up half an hour earlier than usual, so you could have enough time to prepare for the day without rushing through the morning.

12. Check these 7 things I do before 7 a.m. See if they inspire you or give you ideas for improving your morning routine. 

13. Find your 3 MIG (Most Important Goals) in life and self-asset yourself if you work on them.

14. If you feel demotivated, ask yourself: If there’s only one thing I could do that could make this day successful, what would it be? Then do it.

15. Every morning make your family smile.

August 365 Self-Development Ideas

16. If possible, spend every weekend away – in nature, having fun, exploring the world.

17. Ask yourself daily this: If there was 1 really small thing I could do for myself to feel happier, what would it be? Then do it.

18. If you are in a relationship, check these 14 tiny morning habits for boosting the romance between the two of you.

19. Practise yoga/pilates/stretching at least three times weekly.

20. Add more beauty to your everyday tasks. For example, if you drink tea – get yourself a nice teapot, a cute cup and delicious cookies to accompany the moment. Whatever you do, make it a special moment.

21. Find your mission. How could you contribute to this world? How could you make it a better place for your children and all the people?

22. If you struggle waking up early, set the alarm and put your phone on the opposite corner in your room. Place a glass of water next to it. In the morning, after you stop the alarm, drink the water. It will refresh you immediately.

23. Define your 3 MIT (Most Important Tasks) for the day and start with them.


24. Put the phone away an hour before you go to sleep and devote this hour to calming your mind and body. Stretch, read, meditate.

25. Be mindful with the promises you give to yourself. Keep them and look at them as promises you give to other people. Never disrespect yourself by not keeping a promise you gave yourself.

26. Start every day with the single thought: “Today is going to be an amazing day.”

27. Work on changing your mindset towards challenges in life. Look at them as steps on the lather of life. Be philosophical about them; see the opportunity in every struggle. 

28. Meditate for 5 minutes over the following quote by Marcus Aurelius: “What stands in the way becomes the way.”

29. Reduce, or if possible – eliminate, your expectations from people. We shouldn’t expect anything from people around us as nobody owes us anything.

30. Share your positive feelings with people – tell your friends you are happy they’re around you, express gratitude to your colleagues that they help you, tell your spouse you appreciate him/her.

31. Feed your brain. Your brain needs only two things to function properly – oxygen and glucose. Walk daily and eat foods rich in glucose.

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365 Self-Development Ideas for Transformin You Life

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