Nobody gets married with the expectations to divorce after that.

But somehow many couples that say ”I do” to each other, actually end up divorced in the next few years. Here are the top 7 reasons for divorce that lead them to the unhappy end of the fairy tale.


Wrong Reasons

Money – one of the fastest ticket to the divorce lawyer. Going into the marriage because of financial benefiting is not only wrong, but it will definitely lead to the end of the relationship.

Pregnancy – one of the most common mistakes to get married is because the woman is pregnant. The best part of the child’s life will always be the love, trust and respect between the parents. If love doesn’t apply to them, they can still be amazing parents even if they are not together.

Because “you have to get married” – age, religion, parents, even the clouds in the sky are telling you that your time has come. Tell them to shut up and look for the only reason that matter – true love.


Different expectations from the marriage

divorce-marriage_problemsEverybody has his own image of how marriage should look like. If the couple doesn’t discuss their plans for the feature, it may get to a point when one of them will feel lied. Having priorities, goals and dreams that match with the other’s expectations of life as a married person are the keys to a successful marriage.

Forgetting each other when kids come

We don’t even realise when something like that happens. The first years after the kids come in the new family are critical to everyone’s happiness. That is the point when running around the children’s needs may take away all the time of the couple. And this couple is turning into something like two people living for the wellbeing of the children. Making a couple time and reminding yourself that the reason to have kids is that you love each other, can save your marriage.



One of the most common reasons for divorce will always be finances. We work every day for money and even if we don’t like to admit it – we need money to live. When one of the partners wants to save, and the other

loves to spend, they will always have arguings about it. Struggles in making life financially normal and stable make the couple tired. The next step is the daily fights and not long after that comes the first thought of divorcing the other.

Unwillingness to solve problems

Every unsolved problem is like a small crack in the car. If you don’t fix it on time sooner or later the car will stop running and depends on the type of the issue, it may never work again. It’s the same with unsolved problems. Couples often don’t want to solve the problems they have, and after a while, the anger and stress lead to decisions like splitting up and divorce.


Lack of intimacy


Stress, work, kids, bills, house issues – there are many reasons to skip the intimacy at the end of the day. But this is as well one of the most common reasons why people end up divorced. Being in touch (literally)  with the other is important as it makes the partners feel connected. The lack of intimacy will make them feel unloved and unwanted, which will lead to the next step of the relationship – divorce.



Nope, there is no way to skip that reason. We often think that that is the most common reason, but actually, cheating is usually a reflection of all other causes above. When there is a lack of intimacy, not enough love and respect, when the problems start to get bigger than the unpaid mortgage of the house, usually one of the partners start looking for someone else. It is one of the loudest reason, but it’s just a product of one or more other reasons.

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