Women and their secret signs – how to tell if a girl likes you?


Many girls are aware how to show someone that they like him, and they usually choose one or two ways to do it. And they think it’s more than enough. So read to the very end to find out the best way how to tell if a girl likes you.


Playing with her hair


Actually, that is the most popular way to spot if she fancies you. Women like to touch and play with their hair while flirting. Hair is one of the most feminine parts of woman’s body, and it’s the frame of her face. By touching it, she wants to make sure everything is in its place, and she looks good enough for the people around her – probably you. Usually, she doesn’t even realise she does that, but it’s one of the most common signs she’s flirting.


Eye contact


If you like something, you will look at it, right? With women, the situation is a bit complicated. You would assume that if a woman makes an eye contact with you, she likes you and anytime you’ll be right. But not always. Let me tell you what the magazines teach us to do when we like a man: make an eye contact, hold for few seconds and smile, then take your eyes away from him, so he doesn’t think you’re staring at him.



how_tell_girl_likes_you-datingWell, some women do that, it’s true. But just because she looked at you and smiled it doesn’t mean you have a green light. Make sure the eye contact is really towards you, not your friend. A younger girl could be even too shy to make a long eye contact, so she will probably try to sneak peek on you, and if you look at her, she will look away almost instantly. If you catch her doing that more than twice – that girl likes you.


She raises her voice


If she’s trying to catch your attention, she would speak louder than the normal voice tone. It doesn’t mean she will scream or shout, but she would want to be noticed. If she gets more active and tries to get your attention when she sees you, she probably likes you.



Her posture


Body language is the most honest language we use. Even if we change the words we speak, our body wouldn’t lie. If a girl likes you, her body posture will show you that even if she hides it. We tend to keep our body turned towards the person around us we care the most about. Her feet would be turned towards you as well even if her torso is set to the person she talks to. Something very easy noticeable in women is that when they cross their legs, they do it in the direction of the person they like the most. So check out her legs…



She’s always happy when she’s around you


Just because she’s happy, it doesn’t mean she automatically likes you. But if she gets really excited when she’s around you and she’s apparently happy to see you, if she’s very open and chatty towards you, she may like you.


She gets blushed every time she talks to you 


dating-signs_girl_likes_youNot every girl blushes. But the shy girls definitely do. So if you wonder how to notice if that girl likes you and almost none of the things above could apply, that is your sign. Unless she gets blushed every time, she talks to anyone, of course. But if you notice her cheeks go rosy around you – she likes you. The best part? They cannot control it, so it’s the truest sign she fancies you.


She mirrors your moves


When we are fully into the conversation, and the moment we share with someone, we tend to copy their posture or moves. It happens automatically, and usually, none of the people know about it. So if her body position is like yours, she may like you. Just be sure it’s not because you have copied hers.


In the media


She tags you in her posts or sends you information, articles or posts on topics you talked about. That’s one of the latest ways for a girl to show she fancies you. But a good friend could do the same so be sure you get the right message…


How to tell if a girl likes you? Ask her out!


Ups, it’s not exactly a sign you could pick up without doing anything. But it’s the most efficient way to know if she likes you. Be brave and ask her out. If she fancies you, she will say yes. And if she doesn’t you will stop spending hours and hours dreaming or wondering what and how to do. As well that’s the better way to show your affection to her.


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